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The Story Behind Yoga Addicts
Finding Balance And Inspiring Wellness

Hello everyone!

I'm beyond excited to welcome you to Yoga Addicts, your go-to online sanctuary crafted for all yoga lovers. Born from my personal yoga journey—a path that transformed my life both physically and spiritually—Yoga Addicts is more than just a store; it's a thriving community designed to nurture your yoga practice and connect you with kindred spirits.

At Yoga Addicts, we proudly offer a handpicked selection of eco-conscious cork products that resonate with your yoga lifestyle. Every purchase you make supports sustainable practices and helps us plant three trees in the mangroves of Madagascar, enhancing our planet's health. Plus, you have the chance to further contribute to our reforestation efforts with additional donations.

But we don’t stop there! Yoga Addicts is also a hub for growth and learning. Each of our specialized classes includes four poses specifically designed to help with ADHD—a cause close to my heart, as I have ADHD myself. My goal is to bring more awareness to this invisible ailment and offer support through the practice of yoga.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned practitioner, we invite you to explore our curated classes and take advantage of our innovative marketing services tailored for yoga businesses. At Yoga Addicts, we’re all about enhancing wellness, promoting mindfulness, and fostering an inclusive environment where everyone’s yoga journey is supported.

Step into Yoga Addicts, where passion meets purpose and every step on the mat moves us towards a healthier, more connected world.

Welcome home, yogis. Let's make magic together. 

Stretch deeper, Strengthen fully, Soothe completely, and Shop often with Yoga Addicts


Hello there! I'm Faydra, a beacon of boundless energy and joy, whether I'm navigating the adventures of being a young mother and grandmother or embarking on thrilling outdoor escapades. As a devoted yogi, I find solace and strength on my yoga mat, cultivating a practice that harmonizes mind and body and keeps me vibrant.

When I'm not perfecting my asanas, you might catch me biking through lush trails, kayaking along serene rivers, or hiking to scenic vistas. The great outdoors is my sanctuary, helping me unwind and sync with nature’s timeless flow.

My heart also belongs to my furry companions, including Miracle, a resilient rescue from the streets of Mexico, who now shares in my Canadian journeys. Together, we explore the wild, embodying the spirit of adventure that fuels my soul.

Travel is another passion that enriches my life. I love diving into new cultures and soaking up the world’s wonders, whether on a quick weekend retreat or during immersive weeks-long voyages.

Join me in embracing a life where passion meets purpose, where every day is a chance to explore, learn, and connect—both on the mat and beyond. Let’s journey together, sharing stories and inspirations, as we each craft our unique paths through the beautiful tapestry of life.

Our Promise

Discover the world of Yoga Addicts and experience a transformative journey towards physical and mental well-being. Our online sanctuary promises to bring you a carefully curated selection of high-quality, eco-conscious cork mats, props, and accessories designed to enhance your practice and elevate your overall wellness.

But we don’t stop at products. We also offer a diverse range of water and land yoga classes, tailored to meet the needs of every yogi. Whether you’re practicing on a mat or in the water, our classes are crafted to support your unique journey and help you achieve a balanced, mindful lifestyle.